Boston Uprising and London Spitfire have reportedly been disputing over Daniel "FunnyAstro" Hathaway's contract, according to Dot Esports.

The reported dispute began after Overwatch player FunnyAstro was being transferred to Boston Uprising from London Spitfire's academy team. According to the source, Boston Uprising initially refused to pay the transfer fee for FunnyAstro.

Boston Uprising's owner Chris "Huk" Loranger made the following tweet in regards to the situation: "Also got a player announcement later, I know everyone thought we picked up funnyastro but lmao."

According to Dot Esports, the contract between FunnyAstro and Boston Uprising has been terminated due to the possible suspension of FunnyAstro from a number of League games. The suspension apparently might come as a result of the player's past boosting, which has led to punishment from Blizzard in the past.

Photo courtesy of Boston Uprising