​PUBG snow map release for Xbox and PS4 takes place in January, PUBG Corp revealed Friday in a Reddit post.

Vikendi, the long-awaited new ​PUBG snow map, went live on the PC test servers Friday along with the ​new G36C weapon and new snowmobile vehicle. As per usual, the new map will be delayed getting to the console version of the game.

"Vikendi will be released in January," a PUBG community manager wrote on Reddit in response to a question about the Xbox test server, which will also be delayed.

PUBG Snow Map Release Xbox and PS4

The new snow map expects to be an exciting addition to the console version of the game, even if fans must wait upwards of a month to play it. There is no set date for its release yet, but it will go into the test server by the end of December and onto live servers sometime in January.

The PUBG PTS for PS4 expects to ​go live next week, which means the just-released PS4 version of the game could get the new map before the Xbox version.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp