​PUBG test server for Xbox is likely to be updated next week with Vikendi, the new snow map, according to Xbox marketing lead Staci King on Twitter.

Vikendi, the long-awaited new snow map for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, went live Friday on the ​PUBG PC test servers. One user who was dismayed about the usual delay between when the PC and console versions of the game get new features, tweeted at King, which prompted a response.

​​Separately, a PUBG community manager responded to a Reddit post asking about the test server to say that even though the December content was delayed already, the test server is likely to go live next week.

"We were supposed to have a PTS update this week with the December content, but it's now delayed," they wrote. "We are aiming for next week."

PUBG Test Server Xbox Update

Vikendi ​launched for PC on Friday alongside a new weapon, the G36C, and a new vehicle, the snowmobile. Both new items are exclusive to Vikendi.

The delay of launch for console is typical for PUBG, and the new map is set to go live on the Xbox and PS4 versions of the game in January. The PS4 test server is expected to go live next week, likely with Vikendi.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp