Nexus Blitz tokens are important, but many fans don't know why. ​For Nexus Blitz fans, Riot Games has released new rewards for the game mode that players can unlock with Nexus tokens. Here's everything players need to know about these tokens and the rewards they can earn just in time for the holiday season.

​​Nexus Blitz Tokens and Rewards

The Snowdown event brought the return of Nexus Blitz and its ​variety of game modes. A number of festive rewards can be earned, including a unique recall, finisher, and a Fire Poro pet, for Nexus Blitz players to show off in-game. These rewards can be redeemed with Nexus tokens and will cost 15, 30, and 70 tokens, respectively.

How to Earn Nexus Tokens

Players can get their hands on tokens through playing Nexus Blitz or through completing missions. The daily missions released with the ​League of Legends Snowdown event offer players a choice to earn either Snowdown tokens or Nexus tokens by completing different requirements. Each day introduces a new daily mission that is available for three days for players to complete. 

Upon playing two Nexus Blitz games, players will unlock a series of Nexus Blitz exclusive missions where they can earn even more tokens for completing certain requirements. 

Players can purchase a Snowdown 2018 event pass for 1450 RP, which will allow players to earn Nexus tokens for playing and completing ARAM or Nexus Blitz matches, regardless of performance grades. Six tokens will be earned through winning whereas only three will be granted for losing.

Event End Date

Players can earn tokens throughout the duration of the Snowdown event, which ends Jan. 7, although Nexus Blitz will remain playable until Jan. 21, which is also when tokens expire and players will no longer be able to unlock rewards.


Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games