The Pokemon Let's Go Blaine quiz answers will be important as Players reach the Cinnabar Gym. Answering the questions correctly will allow the trainer to avoid battling any of the trainers in the gym and instead battle the Kanto region's seventh gym leader.

Here are all the answers to Blaine's quiz.

​​Pokémon Let's Go Blaine Quiz Answers

Question 1​: Which of these is the Spitfire Pokémon?

Answer: Magmar

Question 2: How many gym badges certified by the Pokémon League are there?

Answer: Eight

Question 3: Steel-type move used on a Fire-type Pokémon will be?

Answer: Not very effective

Question 4: TM28 contains the move Tombstony

Answer: False

Question 5: Who are you about to battle?
​Answer: The Hot Headed Quiz Master

If players get any question wrong, they will have to fight one of the trainers in the Cinnabar Gym. After the fifth question, whether they had any wrong or not, they will face Blaine.

Blaine is the seventh gym leader and specializes in Fire-type Pokémon. Once he is defeated, players will receive the Volcano Badge and can continue their story's progress at Viridian City to face Team Rocket's Leader and Viridian  gym leader Giovanni. 

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo