Valve has updated Dota 2's main client with a variety of preparations for the upcoming Rubick Arcana.

Rubick won the Arcana contest during TI8, and now it looks like Valve is finally getting ready to release it. The main client update laid down some serious groundwork for the coming Arcana.

The update added a ton of new of new voice line responses for Rubick while in Dota 2. It also appears that the Arcana will be listed as a "Mantle" for Rubick, as the update made some interesting changes to his attack animation which center around his Mantle. 

The update also made a change to fountain damage. Previously, players could run into the fountain with Heart of Tarrasque and constantly heal through the damage. Now, attacks from the fountain disable things like Heart and Blink Dagger like a normal hero attack.

Photo courtesy of Valve