RDR2 660 Feet Kill: How to Complete the Sixth Sharpshooter Challenge

​RDR2 660 Feet Kill is one of the Sharpshooter challenges for Red Dead Redemption 2 and we'll explain the best process in nailing this challenge. 

The most important thing is to own a long scoped rifle that you can buy or modify.

RDR2 660 Feet Kill - Where to Do It

Obviously, the more stationary your target, the easier to achieve the shot. An enemy headquarters is a perfect spot as you'll have plenty of enemies standing still for long periods of time. 

RDR2 660 Feet Kill - Make Sure to Back Up

There is no way to tell distance, but the first measure is if your reticle is red. If it is, you're too close. Basically, back up as far as you can and still see the enemy and take a shot. If you can't hit them because of the range, move in. If you do hit them and it doesn't count, you need a better gun. 

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Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games