Biathlon Widowmaker skin was announced Saturday as one of the new Overwatch skins set to go live with Overwatch Winter Wonderland next week.

Blizzard revealed the Biathlon Widowmaker skin as the next legendary Overwatch Winter Wonderland skin players can unlock in this year's iteration. It is her first skin for the event, though she has a highlight intro from Winter Wonderland named "Under the Mistletoe."

Because Biathlon Widowmaker is a legendary skin, it will be 3,000 credits for players to instantly unlock in the hero gallery. 

Blizzard also announced Sugar Plum Fairy MercySnowboarder Zarya skin, and Arctic Fox Lúcio skins as some of the other new legendary skins players can unlock in the event. Winter Wonderland will officially go live Tuesday and run until Jan. 2.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard