FlyQuest's League of Legends coach Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco resigned Saturday following comments made on a live stream characterizing mental health as a personal weakness. Gabriel "Invert" Zoltan-Johan and David "Cop" Roberson will assume his position for the foreseeable future.

The League of Legends coach minimized the effects of mental illness, mocked those with depression, and referred to widely accepted diagnoses such as anxiety as "made up bullshit." 

"I have been in points of my life where I'm like 'depressed' or down," he is reported to have said. "But then I just woke up one day and I'm like 'I'm going to fight my way out of this shit because I'm being a little weak bitch."

Saintvicious' comments were roundly criticized on the League of Legends subreddit. FlyQuest announced Saintvicious' resignation Saturday evening, and he posted an apology on his personal Facebook page early Sunday morning. He blamed his comments on his own ignorance regarding mental health.

"This is a very humbling experience for me," he wrote, "I was surprised to realize just how uninformed I was regarding mental health, especially because it is an important part of my responsibilities as a coach."

"I want to apologize for my mistakes, for both my words and my general attitude towards mental health issues."

Saintvicious joined FlyQuest in May, ahead of the NA LCS summer split.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games