How old is Lynx Fortnite has become of the newest meme in the gaming universe. Lynx is one of the skins given to Fortnite players in the Season 7 Battle Pass. She's a pretty popular skin design and many are excited to use the skin.

In typical gamer fashion, she was made into a meme rather quickly. 

How Old is Lynx Fortnite?

In the meme world, she's apparently 16-years-old. This is obviously an issue to many fans that may find the skin attractive. That's amplified if you have a platform like a Twitch channel or a YouTube channel. Then suddenly you're shouting to the world that you find a 16-year-old avatar attractive. While a real-world situation of this manner is not a comical situation, it can be funny to see your favorite streamer laud over a specific character in a game only to realize the character is underage. Not good. 

In the actual Fortnite game, her age isn't verified by Fortnite. There isn't a single skin with their age revealed, but she is probably a young adult, recently graduated from college as a psychology major and fights crime in her off time.

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Photo courtesy of Epic Games