Lúcio-Oh's, the joke turned into real cereal, are now available for order online at Jet.com. Previously, the cereal had only been available at special events, such as BlizzCon.

The ​site lists the ​Overwatch cereal at $4.37 before tax and shipping for a family-size, 18.7 ounce box. Jet also offers one-day shipping and can ship to every state in the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii. Lúcio-Oh's remain unavailable outside the United States.

After a ​leak began circulating about a potential Blizzard and Kelloggs collaboration, Blizzard announced Lúcio-Oh's on Nov. 2 at BlizzCon​ and scheduled the cereal's arrival for December.

Overwatch players who buy the cereal will be able to redeem a special offer granting them extra loot boxes. Each level gained in-game will award an additional loot box, for a total of three loot boxes.

Lúcio-Oh's can now be purchased in-store at Walmart and ​online

Photo courtesy of Blizzard