How to Get a Silph Scope in Pokémon Let's Go

How to get a Silph Scope in Pokémon Let's Go is important to the story as it will allow the trainer to progress through the rest of the game. Trainers who find themselves in Lavender Town quickly realize they cannot do much without the key item. 

Here is a guide to find out where to get the Silph Scope and how to use it in Pokémon Let's Go. 

​​How to Get a Silph Scope in Pokémon Let's Go

​After quickly realizing it is impossible to go through the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, players will have to leave and go west toward Celadon City. Players will find Jessie and James from Team Rocket standing outside the entrance of Route 8 and will be required to follow their trail to Celadon City, via the Underground Path, which will eventually lead them to the Team Rocket Hideout. 

The hideout is hidden inside of the Rocket Game Corner, located to the right of the Celadon City Department Store. Inside of the Game Corner, players will need to push a button hidden behind a poster to open a secret entrance to the hideout. 

Players will need to go through the hideout, which includes beating various Team Rocket grunts, in order to obtain the Lift Key. Once players receive it, they will go back to the first floor and go through the puzzle once more to reach the elevator, which is located at the south side of the puzzle. Entering the elevator will allow players to go to the fourth floor, B4F, and they will encounter Team Rocket boss and Viridian City Gym Leader Giovanni

After defeating Giovanni, who has a Persian and Rhyhorn, players will receive the Silph Scope. They can then return to Lavender Town to help Cubone and solve the mystery of the Pokémon Tower. 

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo