Zed Rework: 5 Things We'd Like to See

A Zed rework in League of Legends would be great to see, even though Riot Blaustoise jokingly talked about one on the forums Monday. With the number of champion updates and reworks released last year, a Zed rework would come to no surprise. 

Zed’s kit has remained as one of the most iconic champion designs in the game, allowing for incredible outplay potential on stage, most notably with the Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Ryu "Ryu" Sang-wook 1v1. 

If Zed is to receive a rework, he should maintain the same level of outplay potential, however, there are a few things the League of Legends developer could implement to further emphasize Zed’s character design with his Shadow.

Here are five things that could be included in Zed’s rework.

5. Passive Ability

Zed’s passive feels a little lackluster compared to his overall theme. Currently, Zed’s basic attacks deal 6-10 percent of the target’s maximum health as bonus magic damage to targets under 50 percent health. To further emphasize the "shadow' in his character design, the passive could become a damage boost for abilities cast specifically from Zed’s shadow.   

4. Shuriken Damage

Zed relies on his Q for farming and trading at early levels, especially when playing against ranged mid laners. Currently, a Shuriken thrown by either Zed himself or his Shadow does bonus damage to each additional enemy. To play into Zed’s Shadow, Riot Games could implement an additional effect where Zed is rewarded for timing and planning his Shurikens, causing an additional burst of damage when Zed’s Shuriken meets with that of his Shadow.  

3. W Cooldown

One of Zed’s biggest weaknesses lies with his W cooldown, which opens a long widow of time for junglers to gank or for enemies to retaliate. Currently, Zed's E reduces the cooldown when his shadow lands a hit. A potential fix for his cooldown weakness on his W could be to reward Zed by reducing the cooldown every time his shadow lands his shurkins as well.  

2. Replace E Slow

One of the most easily forgotten parts of Zed's kit is his slow on his E ability. When his Shadow casts the Shadow Slash and connects with an enemy champion, they are slowed by up to 40 percent for 1.5 seconds. If both Zed and his shadow land an E at the same time, there is no additional effect or damage, but the slow is increased. Adding bonus damage onto his E for landing both attacks would encourage players to take greater risks and reward them for close combat fighting.

1. Death Mark

One of Zed's defining features is his ultimate ability, Death Mark. While the gist of Death Mark should be kept the same, Riot Games could implement a change that would further emphasize play around his Shadow. The ultimate ability could potentially refresh his W, allowing him to cast an additional Shadow, and slightly increase the percentage Zed's damage is increased after the three second period. 

Photos courtesy of Riot Games