​The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event went live Tuesday, which also brought Overwatch League away skins to live servers. 

​​Blizzard ​first added away skins to the Overwatch Public Test Server in its previous update and brought the away skins to live servers along with the ​Winter Wonderland event. The away skins are free, so players will not have to spend any Overwatch League tokens on the skins. Players who have any home skins from any Overwatch League team will receive the away skin equivalent automatically.

The Winter Wonderland update also revealed two ​new epic skins for Reinhardt and Ashe as part of this year's iteration of the event. A total of nine new skins can be unlocked in the event. All former skins from past versions of Winter Wonderland are also available and can be unlocked at a discounted price. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard