​Hot Hand trophy Overwatch is one of the newest trophies players can get in Overwatch Winter Wonderland, but it is not one of the easiest. 

​​Hot Hand Trophy Overwatch

​The Hot Hand trophy is exclusive to Mei's Snowball Offensive, a game mode introduced in the first version of the ​Overwatch Winter Wonderland event. According to the official description of the achievement, players will need to win a round as the only surviving player on their team.

The only way to unlock the trophy is to make sure all other friendly players are dead before landing the last shot onto the enemy Mei to win the round. Players do not need to win the match as the sole survivor, but just one round as the last survivor. The longer a round goes on, players will have a better chance at pulling off the conditions needed to unlock the Hot Hand achievement.

There are ​two other new trophies players can unlock from this year's iteration of the event. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard