​A new Dota 2 patch went live Wednesday that featured a few cosmetic updates to Dota 2 heroes like Warlock and Lone Druid. 

​​The newest ​Dota 2 patch notes were ​posted to Reddit, detailing a few of the cosmetic updates certain Dota 2 heroes received. "Fixed the following models missing spec, normal and detail masks: Lone Druid's Spirit Bear, Techies' Remote Mines and Warlock's Demon," the post read. The patch notes also explained minor adjustments were made to Legion Commander's Duel Start, Clockwerk's Power Cogs and Riki's Tricks of the Trade.

A few missing detail files for Lycan's Shapeshift and the "Frozen" status effect were also fixed in the update.

Valve recently ​began preparing the Dota 2 main client for Rubrik Arcana.

Cover photo courtesy of Valve