​Overwatch Mystery Heroes gone: a fan-favorite game mode was disabled from the Overwatch arcade Wednesday after bugs were found affected Blizzard World. 

​​Blizzard customer support tweeted Wednesday that the ​Overwatch map ​Blizzard World was temporarily turned off while the team addressed bugs. In turn, arcade modes that used Blizzard World as a map, in particular Mystery Heroes, were also temporarily disabled. 

Overwatch Mystery Heroes Gone: Arcade Mode Disabled While Blizzard World Bugs Are Remedied

Winter Wonderland arrived Tuesday as the latest Overwatch themed event. It is the last of the year, celebrating the holidays. It's assumed the patch that accompanied the event caused the bugs.

The Winter Wonderland patch introduced all-new cosmetics, ​Overwatch League away skins, and ​Brigitte and Doomfist nerfs. ​

Overwatch Winter Wonderland is set to run Dec. 11 through Jan. 2. There has been no update on the timetable surrounding the return of both Blizzard World and the Mystery Heroes arcade mode.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard