PUBG Xbox players will receive a free weapon skin this winter celebrating the one year anniversary of PUBG's Xbox One release.

According to a comment by ​PUBG Xbox community manager Oreoree on the game's subreddit, players will receive a skin for the Scar-L by logging into PUBG Xbox between 3 a.m. ET Dec. 17 and Jan. 31. PUBG Corp expects to reveal more information about the anniversary gift before the end of the week.

Oreoree's comment indicated the anniversary gift would have been announced sooner, but that problems had stalled its development. Oreoree did not give specifics about the problem.

PUBG's game preview release on Xbox One came and went Wednesday without fanfare from its developer, leading fans to wonder if it would celebrate the milestone at all. The game is currently in the midsts of its holiday event, ​which offers its own free skins alongside a ​several purchasable ones.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp