Golden BOB Overwatch is live on all servers after the latest Overwatch update. The change is only applicable if players have Ashe's golden weapon equipped. ​

Golden BOB Overwatch

B.O.B. is not a playable hero, but he is treated like an additional Overwatch hero. The latest Overwatch update modified Ashe's golden gun, which modified B.O.B.'s appearance when Ashe has her golden gun equipped. Unlocking and equipping Ashe's gold gun will also turn B.O.B. fully gold. 

"Making him part of Ashe’s golden weapon is a great way to celebrate our favorite Big Omnic Butler and let players show off their hard-earned Competitive Points each time they summon him onto the battlefield," the post read. 

B.O.B. is a unique Overwatch ultimate because he acts as a turret but ​can be affected by crowd control abilities and be healed during games.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard