The Her Universe Overwatch collection was recently revealed on the Blizzard gear store. The collection features various new items that are aimed mostly at female fans. Here are the best items from the collection. 

​​Her Universe Overwatch: Best Items

1. Mercy Embroidered Cocoon Sweater

The first item players should get is the embroidered sweater. It looks warm and can be paired with any t-shirt or tank top underneath. The sweater also has a Mercy icon embroidered on it, which is perfect for fans who want ​Overwatch clothing that isn't too over the top.

2. ​Mei & Snowball Hoodie Dress

The hoodie dress is adorable, and can be worn comfortably at home. It is also has flaps on the hood that are meant to resemble Snowball's "ears." The hoodie dress is a great purchase for Mei lovers or Overwatch fans who want a cute dress.

3. ​Overwatch D.Va Pink Hoodie

The D.Va hoodie is a great buy for D.Va mains and any Overwatch fan. The hoodie has D.Va's bunny logo on the chest and the hoodie's arm is decorated with a MEKA logo and the various fictional sponsors seen on D.Va's mech.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard