PUBG PS4 discount codes are in high demand now that the game has finally reached Sony's flagship platform. Add to that the demand for PUBG that the holiday season has wrought, and it's easy to see why so many are looking for cheaper ways to get their battle royale fix.

PUBG PS4 Discount Codes: Do they exist?

Do these mystical codes exist? Unfortunately for many shoppers, they don't. ​PUBG only ​arrived on PS4 on Friday, and full price copies continue to sell like hotcakes. PUBG Corp has little incentive to discount the game, and it doesn't appear to have done so at all ahead of gift-giving season.

The last time PUBG went on sale was Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Neither of those sales applied to the game on PS4, focusing instead on PUBG PC and PUBG Xbox, which have been available for far longer. The price for PUBG PS4 remains the full $29.99.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp