Vikendi PUBG Mobile will be added to PUBGS mobile, according to new patch notes that were leaked. The patch notes also detailed a few changes PUBG mobile players should expect.

Here is everything we know about the Vikendi PUBG mobile map.

Vikendi PUBG Mobile: Everything We Know

The Vikendi ​PUBG mobile map will officially go live in PUBG mobile on Dec. 20, according to the ​leaked patch notes. It will be available in matchmaking on Dec. 21.  ​Vikendi is a 6km by 6km snow map that will include a new vehicle, the Snowmobile, for players to ride on. 

A Snowball Fight will be added to the Vikendi Spawn Island, too. The main menu will also receive a snow theme to reflect the new changes. 

A number of cosmetics were ​found in a data mine which will likely release with the Vikendi map. 

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp