5 Best Miss Fortune Skins in League of Legends

Miss Fortune has some of the best skins in League of Legends. With a total of 12 skins, Miss Fortune sits as one of the champions with the highest number of skins in the game, making it difficult to pick out five of her skins as the flashiest.

Here are the five best Miss Fortune skins in League of Legends.

5. Captain

Dressed in a long white captain’s coat, Miss Fortune sports a captain’s hat that comes fully equipped with its own blue and red feather. At only 975 RP, Captain Miss Fortune makes the list as one of the Bounty Hunter’s best skins due to its regal look and affordable price. 

4. Pool Party

Pool Party Miss Fortune brings the summer season to the Rift, sporting a floppy sun hat, bathing suit wrap, and dual water guns. For her Q, she shoots a beach ball through an enemy target, marking an enemy with a seashell for her passive. 

3. Arcade

As one of the Bounty Hunter’s brightest and most colorful skins, Arcade Miss Fortune stands out as one of her best Miss Fortune skins yet. Each of her attacks perfectly embodies the 8-bit style of arcade machines, capturing the pixelated visual effects reminiscent of arcade games in both her Q and ultimate abilities. 

2. Star Guardian

Star Guardian Miss Fortune finds itself as runner up for the best Miss Fortune skin, due to its cute, yet elegant design and beautiful particle effects. As a member of the Star Guardian skin line, this skin dresses Miss Fortune in a white and orange-red outfit, featuring each of her abilities with glowing star powers.

1. Gun Goddess

As the newest ultimate skin in the game, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune tops the list as the Bounty Hunter's best skin. Players can choose between four unique forms, which each bring their own set of guns, particle effects, and color schemes, while at the fountain throughout the  game. The skin also comes with a extra voice lines and a new voice over, equipping Miss Fortune with a completely new look compared to her base skin.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games