League of Legends Mid-Patch 8.24 brought a total of 20 champion changes. 12 of the champions were buffed while eight were nerfed. 

It was planned for quite some time that Riot Games would use this mid patch to tweak a sizeable amount of champions before the start of Season 9. 

​Akali saw a slight buff after her recent nerf.

Base Attack Damage 65 - 70

Attack Speed Growth 3.2 - 4

Health Growth 85 - 95

Base Health 630 - 700

Armor Growth 3.5 - 4

Base Armor 28 - 32

Sona, Illaoi, Maokai, Kayle, Cassiopeia, Lux, Brand, and Veiger will all be receiving some type of nerf to either health, base damage, or attack speed. There was also some bugfixes added from Riot Games as well. 

​League of Legends is currently in its preseason before the 2019 season begins. 

Photo courtesy of Riot Games