​Error disconnected Overwatch is a phrase players might run into while attempting to log into Overwatch. But what does the message mean and how can players resolve it? 

​​Error Disconnected Overwatch: What Does it Mean?

If players are suddenly removed from a match or attempt to log into Overwatch and see the message "error: disconnected," there is usually one reason why. When live server maintenance is expected to begin, players who are still in Overwatch games will usually be removed from the server. The best option to avoid being kicked from the server would be to avoid playing during server maintenance completely.

The maintenance times should be listed in the Battle.net client for PC players. If console players are kicked from the server during maintenance, they will see the hours of maintenance listed at the bottom right corner of Overwatch's title screen once the game is launched in their respective system. 

Sometimes there are server problems on Blizzard's end that interfere with players' ability to log into Overwatch. If no server maintenance is expected, players should visit Blizzard's ​customer support Twitter to see if there are problems going on with the servers. The account will also reply to messages.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard