New lines for Tracer and Reaper were added to the Busan map's karaoke spawn  in the newest Overwatch Public Test Region update. 

Reaper received two new karaoke voice lines in the Busan karaoke spawn. The latest Overwatch PTR update enabled Tracer and Reaper to interact with the karaoke mic in the spawn before the start of a match. Reaper does not technically sing in the lines, however. He tells his teammates he will not sing, but later asks for a faster beat.

Tracer is the second hero to receive new karaoke voice lines. Unlike Reaper, Tracer is more than willing to sing for the rest of her team. 

Blizzard is slowly adding voice lines for the rest of the Overwatch heroes in Busan's karaoke spawn. It recently added lines for Genji and Zenyatta to live servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard