The PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Xbox Weekly Community Update was replaced by the Console Dev Report. In the new series' first post, PUBG Xbox developers discussed the frame rate problems players are experiencing and its plans to remedy the frame rate drops. 


The post explained many players reported frame rate problems in later stages of  PUBG when there were more close quarter fights than before. PUBG Corp explained the game calculates everything within the 600-meter radius of the player. Later in the game, when the zone begins to shrink, even more players and resources need to be calculated.

It explained in order to reduce the rate of frame drops in those situations, it will need to tweak the view spectrum. "If there's an enemy that walks in front of you and is shown on the screen, the enemy is inside the view spectrum. This, however, does not mean that if something is to be inside the view spectrum, it must be shown on the monitor," PUBG Corp explained. "The direction and the angle of sight are what really matters - if a player is behind the wall that you're looking at, that player is indeed inside your view spectrum."

PUBG Corp explained it will correct both inside and outside the view spectrum in order to improve frame rate. "To conclude, our changes for both inside and outside the view spectrum will improve the performance by lessening the time needed to calculate player location. We've reduced the resources needed to be calculated so less time was needed."

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp