Blizzard revealed the next prize in the Overwatch Happy Hero Days giveaway. For Day 6, the theme is Hammer Time and it features merchandise related to Torbjörn, Brigitte, and Reinhardt. 

The newest Overwatch Happy Hero Days Day 6 prize is centered around Reinhardt, Brigitte, and Torbjörn. A hoodie with the "I like to exercise because I like eating" image that Brigitte wore in her cameo in Reinhardt's animated short is among the prizes. A Torbjörn t-shirt, Torbjörn figure, and a few Reinhardt figures and other merchandise will be awarded to the winner of the giveaway.

Happy Hero Days is a contest Blizzard routinely hosts on its Overwatch Twitter, typically during Christmas and the summer. 

The grand prize of the giveaway is a package from MSI. The package will include a Doomfist statue, and monitor, PC, Overwatch-branded keyboard, mouse, and a copy of Overwatch to play on the PC.

The previous day's prize was centered around Mei

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard