Fallout 76 Lookout Towers: How to Find All 13 Towers

Fallout 76 lookout towers are a typical feature that allow you to unlock spaces around the vast open-world map. It's a mechanic you see in other types of open-world games like Assassin's Creed. 

Here is a list of all thirteen towers.

Fallout 76 Lookout Towers - How to Find All 13 Towers

The actual gameplay is the same for every tower. Climb to the top, walk out on the balcony and press the activate button. Then you'll be able to unlock locations around the tower on your map. Some will have quests or enemies to fight. 

Forest Region:

North Kanawha Lookout

Flatwoods Lookout

East Kanawha Lookout

Camp Adams Lookout

Toxic Valley Region:

Pioneer Scout Lookout

Savage Divide Region: 

North Mountain Lookout

Central Mountain Lookout

Whitespring Lookout

East Mountain Lookout

South Mountain Lookout

The Mire Region:

East Ridge Lookout

Dolly Sods Lookout

Cranberry Bog Region: 

Ranger Lookout

Have fun traversing the map!

Photo courtesy of Bethesda