Pokémon Let’s Go closely mirrors the original Pokémon Red and Blue story line, even granting players the chance to choose between the Helix or Dome Fossil while on their journey through Mt. Moon. For those unfamiliar with the two choices, here’s a short guide on how to make the best decision.

​​Where to Find Fossils?

Players will encounter Mt. Moon as their first cave after defeating Brock, the Rock-type Gym Leader in Pewter City.

As players make their way through the cave, they will eventually come across a scientist blocking the path. He will challenge the player to a battle after claiming two unique fossils for himself, sending out a Voltorb and a Magnemite. Once the player defeats the scientist, he will reluctantly offer either a Dome or Helix Fossil to the player, allowing them to choose which they would prefer.

Dome vs. Helix Fossil

Players can approach the fossil of their choice to collect it, but it’s important to note that once the choice is made, players will not be able to obtain the other fossil again as they venture throughout the game.

Each fossil can be revived into a Pokémon at the museum in Pewter City. The Dome Fossil yields Kabuto, whereas the Helix Fossil holds Omanyte. 

Both Pokémon are Water/Rock types, however, Kabuto and its evolution Kabutops are faster and have stronger physical attacks than Omanyte and its evolution, Omastar. Omastar makes up for its weaknesses in higher physical defense, HP, and special attacks.

It's ultimately up to the player's decision as to which Pokémon they choose. For those looking for a strong addition to the team, Omastar might be a better pick to take advantage of the Special Attack of most water moves. However, in many people's opinions, Kabutops looks the coolest of the two choices. 

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo