Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Fantasy characters: Which characters from Final Fantasy will cross over into Kingdom Hearts 3, either for the first time or to reprise roles from earlier games in the series?

Final Fantasy fans may need to prepare for some disappointment, as Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura has stated publicly there will likely be fewer than in the past. In Nomura's view, the Final Fantasy characters were useful when the original Kingdom Hearts characters were less fleshed out. 

Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Fantasy: Will Any FF Characters Appear in KH3?

Now that they have their own places in pop culture, those characters need less support from the Final Fantasy cast. Square Enix's marketing so far as reflected that view, showing next to no Final Fantasy characters.

Still, it's likely some Final Fantasy characters will still show up in Kingdom Hearts 3. Here are the Final Fantasy characters most likely to appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 when it releases Jan. 25.

Almost Definitely Appearing

Two Final Fantasy characters are all but locks for Kingdom Hearts 3: Cloud and Sephiroth. Both are tied to the game's main story, having interacted with the Kingdom Hearts characters several times over the franchise's history. Additionally, their last encounter ended mysteriously, indicating an answer might be coming in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Likely Appearing

Most of the other Final Fantasy characters we can count to make appearances in Kingdom Hearts 3 are tied to specific worlds in the game. Twilight Town, which has been confirmed as a world in Kingdom Hearts 3, previously played home to Seifer, Vivi and Setzer. It seems likely if Sora and gang return to Twilight Town — which we know they will — they'll run into those three characters.

Cid, Yuffie, Leon, Aerith and Tifa​, meanwhile, are from the world Hollow Bastion world — since renamed Radiant Garden. While that world has yet to be confirmed as return in Kingdom Hearts 3, it plays a role in the game's main story line, making it likely to reappear.

The final group of characters that have a good chance to reappear based on information available about Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Moogles. While more of a species than a character, Moogles have been a presence throughout the Kingdom Hearts series as vendors. Their return in the newest installment is all but assured.​

Everyone Else

Outside of the characters (and species) listed above, it's hard to know what Final Fantasy characters will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3. With the release just a month away, we'll know who's in and who's out soon enough.​

Photo courtesy of Square Enix