PUBG Survival Title System Replaces Rank Titles in PC Patch 24

PUBG Survival Title system went live in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PC Patch 24. It will take over the previous ranked system.

PUBG Corp updated the game's rank system from the Season 1 beta rank system to the Season 2 Survival Title system. The rank system was discontinued in favor of a title system, which is based more on personal growth than allowing placement to be decided through games with others. 

"The existing Rank Point (RP) of Beta Season 1 will be changed to Survival Points (SP). Players will begin with one SP. If you collected RP from Beta Season 1, your RP will be soft reset and a portion of your results from the previous season will be applied as SP," PUBG Corp explained. 

Players will receive titles by consistently playing the game. "We’re using the same icon assets from the previous system (with a couple names changed to be more in line with survival) and adding extra stages in between each milestone below Expert," the post read. "Once you reach Expert, there are no longer any divisions, but progression will be more difficult and influenced more by a higher ranking and kill count in every session."

The Lone Survivor is an exclusive title that only the top 1,000 players can receive. "You will retain the Lone Survivor Title as long as you remain in the top 1000, so play well and play often to show off your prestigious title!"

The Survival Title System will officially begin in one week, on Dec. 26. No points will be gained between now and then, though the career stats will continue to be tracked.

The update also ​added the Snowmobile vehicle to the new Vikendi map.

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp