​How many people play Overwatch? It is one of Blizzard's most popular games has a large esports fanbase, seen with the success of the Overwatch League. But how many people actually play the game?

​​How many people play Overwatch?

Revealed as part of the game's two year anniversary celebration, ​Overwatch has more than 40 million monthly players. Blizzard made the announcement as it celebrated the Anniversary event in May, revealing the game is home to 40 million monthly players. 

Although the announcement was made in May, the game likely has a similar amount of players now. Blizzard hasn't made any official reveal on how many concurrent players the game has or how many monthly players there are since the reveal in May.

Blizzard recently launched the Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch, which was highlighted by ​plenty of new skins.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard