The Frosthaven and Magnus Cypher Arcana update hit Dota 2 on Wednesday, bringing a special, holiday-themed game mode and an ambitious new Arcana to the MOBA.


​In the Frosthaven game mode, five ​Dota 2 players are tasked with fending off Grand Magus Rubick and his legion of minions as they try to uproot the original Frostivus (read as: Dota Christmas) tree.

Enemies attack in waves, and players must kill them to accrue experience and gold to become stronger. Structures and health are restored after every wave.

Players also receive four consumable items they can use either in the Frosthaven game mode or in standard Dota — though with slightly different effects in the latter.

Each match of Frosthaven awards players points based on how long they survive. Those points can be spent to earn rewards including more consumable items, chat wheel sounds, and some of the gifts under the Frostivus tree. One such gift is a hyper rare Immortal Gingerbread Baby Roshan courier.

Magus Cypher Arcana

The second highlight of the Frosthaven update is Magus Cypher, a new Arcana item for Rubick. The Arcana will change colors based on the spells Rubick steals in-game. As players win more games with Rubick, their Arcanas will start to add signatures to each of 115 different abilities.

The Crux of Perplex Immortal shoulder item will also take on the same colors as the Arcana item when Rubick steals a spell.

The ​last Dota 2 client update upgraded cosmetics, while the one before that ​prepared for the Magus Cypher Arcana's release.

Photo courtesy of Valve