How to Unlock Mewtwo in Smash Ultimate

How to unlock Mewtwo in Smash Ultimate. Mewtwo is one of the many characters that can be unlocked in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but getting the opportunity to unlock him might take a while. Here is how to unlock Mewtwo from Smash Ultimate's different game modes. 

​​How to Unlock Mewtwo in Smash Ultimate

​The quickest way to unlock Mewtwo is not by playing Classic mode, but by playing World of Light. Although it is known as the fastest way to unlock Mewtwo, that does not mean it will be quick and easy. After defeating the Wispy Woods' spirit in the Mysterious Dimension, players will be able to unlock Mewtwo. However, this is near the end of World of Light.

Players will also be able to unlock Mewtwo through Classic mode, though it will take some time. Playing and competing in Classic mode as Fox will allow the player to unlock Mewtwo -- but other characters will need to be unlocked before the opportunity is presented. 

Playing Fox and beating Classic mode will unlock Captain Falcon. At that point, players can play as Fox again or as Captain Fox to unlock Zero Suit Samus. They will need to continue replaying Classic Mode to then unlock Peach, Falco, Daisy, Bowser Jr, and Wolf before being able to unlock Mewtwo.

Mewtwo can also be unlocked in VS mode, but players will have to devote a lot of time to the game mode.

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo