Overwatch can be purchased for half the price until Jan. 6, thanks to an Overwatch holiday sale announced by Blizzard. 

​​​Overwatch is half off for a limited time. Blizzard revealed its holiday sale will run until Jan. 6 which will allow players to save 50 percent off Overwatch should they decide to purchase a copy of the game until then.

"Save 50 percent when you join the battlefields of tomorrow with the digital versions of Overwatch for PC and Overwatch Legendary Edition for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One," the post read. 

The standard edition is $19.99 after the sale. ​The legendary edition will be $29.99, instead of $59.99, and players can upgrade to the legendary edition for $10 instead of $20. The legendary edition is worth the money if players want 
​new legendary and epic skins -- which includes skins that cannot be unlocked in-game. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard