Blizzard revealed Overwatch Happy Hero Days Day 11 prize, Healing Stream, through Twitter. The prize is part of its holiday Overwatch sweepstakes. 

Healing Stream is the prize for Overwatch Happy Hero Days Day 11. Blizzard routinely hosts a massive sweepstake for fans on Twitter, with prizes typically relating to a character or theme. Day 11's prize is related to Mercy.

The short video posted with the announcement showcased the different merchandise the winner would receive. A Mercy statue, Mercy backpack, wallet, exclusive BlizzCon Mercy Nendoroid, Witch Mercy Funko! Pop and a Mercy hoodie will be given to the winner of Day 11.

Retweeting the announcements from Blizzard every day will also give fans a chance to win a grand prize package from MSI. The grand prize includes a full PC set up, a copy of Overwatch, and a Doomfist statue.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard