How to Catch Dragonite in Pokémon Let's Go

How to catch Dragonite in Pokémon Let's Go is an interesting inquiry for many players as Dragon-type Pokemon are some of the most saught after in the game. 

While it's possible to catch Dragonite in the wild, it's far more likely you'll find a Dratini to level up.

I decided to go dragonite hunting in pokemon lets go eevee(if you didn't know, dragonites are extremely rare in this game), and the second I put on a max lure, one appeared

I do not deserve this.

— Frozenstonezz Art (@FrozenstonezzA)December 10, 2018

How to Catch Dragonite in Pokémon Let's Go

The most important thing players must do to catch a Dratini or a Dragonite in Pokémon Let's Go is to make sure their Pikachu or Eevee learns the move Sea Skim from the Lapras trainer in Fuschia City's GO Park. Sea Skim is this generation's replacement for the HM move Surf, which Pokémon use to help the trainer surf across bodies of water.

After teaching Pikachu or Eevee Sea Skim, the player must go to Route 10 and use Sea Skim on the waters outside of Cerulean City.

Route 10 will be filled with Tentacool and Magikarp, but players should find a Dratini in the water, too, though it won't be easy. Dratini only has a 4 percent spawn rate, so it will be helpful to use a lure in order to increase the chances of getting the Pokémon.

Dratini will evolve to Dragonair at level 30 and will reach its final evolution, Dragonite, at level 55.