Kirito Smash Ultimate seems, at best, an unlikely outcome. The protagonist of the Sword Art Online anime series might have the fighting chops to stand up to opponents such as Bowser or Samus, but licensing would likely stand in the way of such a crossover.

Kirito Smash Ultimate: Is the SAO Character Coming to Smash?

The short answer is no. For one, Nintendo has never before added a character from an anime series to a Smash game, despite a sustained call for "Dragon Ball" hero Goku to make an appearance in-game. ​Nintendo has made no indication that it plans to change that fact.

Second, one of the sources of the rumor comes from a ​satirical anime site called Anime Maru, which claimed Nintendo had already revealed the character as upcoming downloadable content for Smash Ultimate. It cites no sources — because they don't exist, and because the article itself is intended as a joke.

So, unfortunately for fans of "Sword Art Online," Kirito is likely not coming to Smash Ultimate.

Photo courtesy of A-1 Pictures