​Smash Ultimate flowchart can be useful for players looking to find out which character in Smash Ultimate will be the best to play. Every player has their own playstyle, and thanks to the game's roster of over 70 characters, there is a character that fits everyone's preferences.

​​Smash Ultimate Flowchart

A fan created an easy ​flowchart to help other fans figure out which Smash Ultimate hero would be the best fit. There are over 70 Smash Ultimate characters to unlock in the game, which means there are over 70 different styles of gameplay for players to choose from.

The flowchart asks certain questions that will help decide which Smash Ultimate hero is the best fit. Whether players prefer being up close and personal in their combat or from a further or safer difference will be important in deciding which hero is the best fit. Minor things like speed, whether a player wants to be able to think critically during games, and even taunting will have an effect on the outcome.

Of course, players will first need to ​unlock all the heroes in Smash Ultimate. 

Cover photo courtesy of Nintendo