PUBG Maps Ranked Worst to Best

​There are now four maps that PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS players can play on in-game. Here is a ranking of the maps ranked from worst to best!

4. Miramar

The worst map in PUBG by far is Miramar. There are a lot of areas on the map that are rarely played on. As a map, it isn't fun enough to attract a lot of players. The design of it doesn't bring a lot of action in the early stages of the game because of how large it is. If PUBG would increase the amount of players in a match on Miramar, or maybe make the playable areas smaller, it wouldn't be as bad of a map as it is.

3. Sanhok

Sanhok is the third map introduced to PUBG. It is one of the best looking maps that PUBG has to offer, but gameplay on the map can potentially feel a bit repetitive. It is the smallest map in PUBG and players area already aware of the best places to land and loot -- which typically means matches will be carried out similarly in all games. Sanhok has plenty of items and content for players to enjoy, however, which is why it is better than Miramar. 

2. Erangel

Erangel is the map that players became acquainted with when PUBG first came out. The best part about the map is that there is no area on the map that is wasted. There are buildings, loot, vehicles, and everything players can ask for all over. The map is considered a classic to PUBG players and has a good balance in terms of design and the gameplay that players experience on it.

1. Vikendi

The new snow map, Vikendi, is the best PUBG map in the game so far. All locations on the map have such a creative look and unique feel to them. There is plenty of loot for players in all areas, and the best feature is the way players interact with the snow. Footprints will be left behind as players walk across the snow, which can be used to actually track down other players. It is a new and innovative way to hunt enemies and has brought interesting ways of playing. The new vehicle is also a great addition. 

Vikendi recently ​went live for PUBG PC and on PUBG Xbox and PS4 Public Test Servers. 

Photos courtesy of PUBG Corp