Overwatch Yule Log 2018 went live Monday, as part of Blizzard's new Christmas tradition for Overwatch fans.

Overwatch Yule Log 2018: Now on YouTube

​​Jeff Kaplan's ​Overwatch Yule Log 2018 was streamed Monday on Twitch. The stream was a little over eight hours, compared to last year's 10 hour stream, and featured Kaplan and a few special Overwatch guests like Matt Mercer, the voice of McCree, and Charlet Chung, the voice of D.Va.

Blizzard uploaded the stream in its entirety on YouTube for fans who weren't able to catch it live.

Blizzard ​first released the Yule Log in 2017, though the stream did not have any special guests other than Kaplan. Like the Yule Log's first iteration, there were plenty of memorable moment's in this year's -- including Kaplan poking fun at the Overwatch community and also confirmed what B.O.B. stood for.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard