​The Overwatch Lunar New Year event is next in line in Overwatch seasonal event lineup. Skins released in previous iterations will return for the event. Here is a ranking of the top five best skins from the Lunar New Year event!

​​5. Xuanwu Zarya


Zarya received a legendary skin in the 2017 version of the Lunar New Year event: Year of the Dog. It is an impressive Zarya skin and has a large, glowing green symbol on her waist. The skin is gorgeous and has such an amazing design. Zarya's weapon also received a new look, and it compliments the skin very well. 

4. Bajie Roadhog


Roadhog's legendary skin for the event is fits him perfectly, although it is a bit scary-looking. He has a pig snout instead of a mask covering his face, which can be off-putting if you look at it for too long. Thankfully, the skin will be discounted in the upcoming Lunar New Year event, since it is a returning skin. 

3. Magistrate McCree


The legendary McCree skin is another cosmetic all McCree players should have. It is an accurate take on the magistrate uniform from the Joseon dynasty era in Korea, and fits McCree rather well. Players might notice he doesn't have a cigar in his mouth, but instead is smoking from a pipe. 

2. Palanquin D.Va


The Palanquin D.Va skin is stunning. Her mech is decorated beautifully but the best part about it is D.Va herself, who players will only get to see when she is ejected from her mech. Seeing D.Va with an outfit from her culture is great and the design looks good on her. 

1. Baihu Genji


The best skin from the available Overwatch Lunar New Year skins is Baihu Genji. The skin is part of a mini-series of skins that compliments Zarya, Pharah, and Mercy. Genji's skin also has a glowing symbol on it, though his is blue. The design is incredible.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard