Fallout 76 Login Failed: How to Solve the Problem

adsf / Image by Noam Radcliffe

"Fallout 76 login failed" has been popping up in players' game clients for months — essentially since the game debuted in beta, when players first set foot in the new wasteland. While the message can appear for several disparate reasons, here's how to solve the most common cause of the error.

Fallout 76 Login Failed: How to Solve the Problem

In most cases the error around a failure to log into Fallout 76 has been caused by misunderstandings about when servers are live. Often, the error message is accompanied by another claiming the account in question lacks the required entitlements.

Generally, this error appears when players try to log on while servers are offline. This includes during maintenance or outside of beta periods.

To fix the problem, first check the official Bethesda support Twitter account for an update regarding server availability. If there are no relevant tweets, try restarting the client, then your computer. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Bethesda support yourself for in-depth help.

Photo courtesy of Bethesda