What’s the highest level in League of Legends? It's been an entire year since Riot Games removed the level 30 cap, leaving many fans of the game wondering if there's a level cap in League of Legends.

Is there a level cap in League of Legends?

Riot Games removed the level 30 cap for the start of Season 8, allowing players to infinitely level up to receive endless amounts of rewards.

Toucan Celeste tops the charts as the player with the highest level, currently standing at 1438. The next highest leveled player is Nolife Fynn at level 1429.

Is there a Mastery Cap?

Players can raise their level with a particular ​League of Legends champion, referred to as Mastery, by playing and winning games with the character. With each Mastery level, players will receive a new Mastery symbol that appears on the game’s loading screen and can be shown in-game. The Mastery levels cap out at level 7, but players can continue infinitely collecting Mastery points with a champion.

Players show off their Mastery Score on their profile page, which displays how many champions they have mastered. The total Mastery Score a player can have is the number of champions multiplied by 7, so the current score cap is 994.

What is the Highest Rank in League of Legends?

​With the end of Season 8, Riot Games introduced a few ranked changes, including the addition of ​two new tiers in the ranked ladder. However, the top tier in each competitive region has remained unchanged, meaning the highest rank a League of Legends player can achieve is still Rank 1 in the Challenger tier.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games