Mark Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and an entrepreneur who is familiar with the esports scene. He recently voiced criticisms on esports player burnout, where he discussed problems in the Overwatch League with league commissioner Nate Nanzer. 

Mark Cuban Overwatch Discusses Burnout in Esports

He shared a story through Twitter that talked about the retirement age of esports players, which is typically before the player turns 30-years old or even earlier. Cuban mentioned games change too much, which requires players to have intense practice and spend a lot of time on these changes that come up too often.

Nanzer stepped in to express his thoughts on the matter, including a brief explanation of what the Overwatch League offers to help its players. 

Cuban admit he wasn't as familiar with the Overwatch League, but raised questions about how many changes are added to the game, and how much time players have to adjust to those changes. He brought up Brigitte as an example, who had a huge impact in the league and continues to be a big force in the game.

Cuban previously voiced his opinions on the Overwatch League, believing Overwatch and the Overwatch League might not be around for a long time. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard