Stanislav "Mistakes" Danilov announced his retirement from professional Overwatch on Sunday after just two years of competition.

In a TwitLonger explaining his decision, Mistakes cited a lack of motivation, fading enjoyment, and unspecified health problems as the reasons for his departure. He went on to thank his supporters and left the chance of a future return to Overwatch open.

Mistakes' Overwatch career began in 2016, when he joined the Russian team Prets. He stayed on that team until August, 2017, when he joined TORNADO ROX. From there, he joined Overwatch Contenders Europe team 123, where he placed second in Contenders Season 0. During his time with 123, Mistakes played for the Russian Overwatch World Cup team for the first time.

Mistakes joined the Boston Uprising in October 2017, where the team earned the first undefeated stage in Overwatch League history. He and the Uprising ended the regular season at third place, then lost to the Philadelphia Fusion for a fifth-sixth place finish in the playoffs.

Mistakes' final Overwatch appearance took place with Team Russia at the Incheon Qualifier for the 2018 Overwatch World Cup.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard