Sea of Thieves easy gold — it's every virtual pirate's deepest dream, their greatest aspiration. While the game will provide you with ample funds through the completion of its various story missions, there are faster ways to accumulate wealth. Reader beware: these methods are more difficult and more dangerous.

Sea of Thieves Easy Gold

The most straightforward and simple way to pile up the gold is to complete missions for the Gold Hoarders faction, known by its dark purple tent and key sigil. Inside, you'll be able to select up to three voyages. Take all three, and set forth onto the sea.  Collect all three chests before you return to maximize your efficiency, but take care to avoid unnecessary conflicts with other players looking to steal your loot.

The second, more dangerous (and more lucrative) option is to hunt down the giant smoky skulls appearing periodically on the horizon. There you'll encounter a skeleton fort that, should you cut down its inhabitants, will reward you with 4,000 gold in one fell swoop.

It may be more dangerous, but it's up to you to decide whether it's worth the risk for the extra coin.

Photo courtesy of Rare/Microsoft