Smash Ultimate gained Wendy, a new character, Tuesday in Patch 1.3.1. The new character arrived in a surprise release New Year's Day in an otherwise empty patch straight from developer and publisher Nintendo. Here's everything you need to know about Wendy.

Smash Ultimate Wendy: New Character Added

At first glance, Wendy may look a lot like Bowser Jr., a character already in the game. Her taunts are unique, but her move list appears eerily similar​ to Bowser Jr. So just what are the differences?

Well, the truth is there aren't! Wendy wasn't added to the game Tuesday. She's been in Smash Ultimate since its release as an alternate costume for Bowser Jr., just as she was in Smash 4.

So why is she popping up all over the internet? A number of Smash influencers rallying around Alpharad have conspired to prank the Smash community by pretending Wendy is a new character in the game. They've called the prank the Wendy Project, a hashtag appearing on each of the videos in on the joke.

In reality, ​Smash Ultimate Patch 1.3.1 has yet to arrive in the game, and Wendy is nothing new. Sorry to all the Wendyheads out there!

Photo courtesy of Nintendo