A Dota 2 patch update Thursday brought new animations to the Rubick Arcana Magus Cypher and a few more minor changes to the game.

​The new Rubick Arcana animation is a rare Dark Ascension idle animation for ​Dota 2 fans to ogle rather than play the game, just as Gaben intended. The update also made small changes to Rubick's Charge of Darkness idle animation.

Aside from improving the Rubick Arcana, Thursday's update fixed Slark's Shadow Dance being displayed as the spell with new effects instead of Dark Pact and corrected spelling errors in Shield of Eternal Night and Creed of the Outlaw Huntsman Loading Screen. Leftover Battle Pass elements from the Tournaments panel were removed, and localization files were updated.

The Rubick Arcana ​arrived in Dota 2 Dec. 19 as part of the Frosthaven update. A fan vote during The International 8 ​chose Rubick to receive the Arcana.

Photo courtesy of Valve